BoxCryptor: Keep Your Cloud Storage Safe With Powerful Encryption [Giveaway]

Posted: 17/11/2012 in Uncategorized

Cloud storage services can be a lifesaver, especially when you keep backups of sensitive data on those clouds. The downside to cloud storage is that information is constantly passing between you and the server, and that information is not always secure. Backing up important data is smart–encrypting that data is even better so others can’t snoop in on it.

BoxCryptor Unlimited Business is the cloud encryption solution for you. It’s available for USD $99.99 on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 as well as Mac. But this week, we’re giving away 25 copies of BoxCryptor Unlimited Business worth a total of $2,500 for FREE!

Overview of BoxCryptor Unlimited Business

Chris has done a full review of BoxCryptor before, but we’re doing this giveaway in light of BoxCryptor’s recent update to version 1.4. If you’re interested in what BoxCryptor is, check out Chris’s review. If you want to know what’s new, keep reading.

The installation process has been drastically simplified as BoxCryptor now automatically scans your system and detects if you have Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Google Drive installed. Fortunately, if you use a different cloud service (like I do), you can still enter a custom location to set up BoxCryptor. Neat!

BoxCryptor also has a new feature called the Application Password. This is different from the Encryption Password that you set up on installation, which is used in the actual encryption of your files. The Application Password, on the other hand, is used to secure and unlock the actual BoxCryptor program to keep out unwanted people who pry on your computer.


As for the actual encryption, BoxCryptor now has a right-click menu item that lets you look at the encrypted version of a file. Along similar lines, there is now an experimental feature that lets you encrypt the actual filenames, too. But as with all experimental features, you should be very careful with it.

What do you get in BoxCryptor Unlimited Business that you don’t get in BoxCryptor Free?

  • Unlimited number of BoxCryptor drives as opposed to one in the Free version.
  • Filename encryption is now customisable on selected folders.
  • Commercial usage. While the Free version is free for personal use, you must purchase the Unlimited Business version if you want to use BoxCryptor in any commercial capacity.

Download a copy of BoxCryptor Free and try it out if you’re unsure if you want it. Again, we’re giving away 25 free copies to all of our loyal and beloved MakeUseOf fans and readers. As a reminder, BoxCryptor Unlimited Business only runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 as well as Mac.

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