Posted: 11/11/2012 in Uncategorized

CYBER ARMS - Computer Security

As a penetration tester, how cool would it be (if you had physical access to a system) to be able to grab the passwords off of a Windows system that was sitting at a locked login prompt? And what if you could get these passwords in plain text?

Well, you can!

I’ve been playing around with Mimikatz again. If you haven’t heard about Mimikatz, it is the amazing program made by Gentil Kiwi that amongst other things has the ability to pull plain text passwords from systems. All you need to do is run the Mimikatz program on the target system and it pulls user information from memory that is normally encrypted and displays it as unencrypted text!

I have shown how to use Mimikatz to pull passwords from a remote machine before, so that is nothing new. And yes, Mimikatz works on Windows 8, and has since pre-release versions…

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