IPhone 5 Features: ‘Spider-Like’ Design In Federico Ciccarese Concept (Video)

Posted: 14/07/2012 in Uncategorized
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  1. The latest iPhone 5 is rumored to be launched on August, and in occasion of fresh gossips that
    Apple’s new phone might be “spider-like” in style and design, Federico Ciccarese seems to have developed an idea in order to present exactly what the remarkably expected gadget may appear like.

    The Christian Post reviews that, according on the concept video clip, Ciccarese considers the
    latest gadget could fit on the rear of a user’s hand. His idea likewise shows up with metallic
    legs that hold the hand and appears like a spider when standing up on its own.

    Even though the idea along with its sleek metal bands could possibly certainly not be precisely
    just what Apple is considering, Phones Review factors out that:

    “While we think it actually looks incredible we can’t see it quite catching on. Plenty of people don’t even like wearing a ring for example so the idea of your palm wrapped in metal may not appeal.”

    They furthermore notice that no one could actually realize (other than Apple’s inner workers) what theiPhone 5 appears similar to before it is introduced in August (or September, November…who really knows?) it’s exciting to predict whatever it might possibly be like depending on rumors and leaked hints.

    The Examiner insights that the new iPhone is rumored to appear having a quad-core processor
    implementing competitor Samsung’s concept, and the Christian Post reviews that the gadget might be wearable, perhaps similar to the iPod Nano, which inturn offers an optional watch accessories.

    Mashable tips that pertaining to Ciccarese’s idea:

    “The renderings look amazing, and we love the sci-fi look of the thing, but the creepiness and probable discomfort created by the legs make it a non-starter.”

    What can you say about the Federico Ciccarese’s iPhone 5  idea?  What do you think the newiPhone 5 might appear similar to?

    Watch the Federico Ciccarese’s iPhone 5 video:

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