Massive Top 100 security tips. Part III. Physicial computer security

Posted: 31/05/2012 in Uncategorized

  1. 1. Before you turn on a computer check if it has weird objects connect to it. People could use physical keyloggers to gain your information.

    2. Don’t leave your smartphone, computer, laptop, notebook or whatever with personal information unattended or unsecured.

    3. Lock your plugin hardware. People could gain acces to your working environment. It would be an easy way for an criminal to take the plugin hardware with him. Lock op your external harddrive, USB sticks.

    4. Don’t toss around with your USB sticks. Keep them safe and encrypt them!

    5. When your harddisk or memory is declared dead be sure to dispose them in an secured way. Put them in an bag and hammer them to pieces. Great workout.

    6. Don’t mix your laptop that you use for you work as an multimedia laptop. Keep work and fun separated when dealing with information.

    7. Turn off your WiFi, either in the OS or using a physical switch (if you have one), when not in use.

    8. Almost any device can be used to record audio and/or video, including smartphones, watches and buttons.

    9. Disconnect the internet cable when you are done with the computer. This will prevent a Wake on Lan attack.

    10. Use secure wiping functionality (Disk Utility) or tools to erase drives/devices before giving or selling them.

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