Massive Top 100 security tips. Part II. Social Media

Posted: 31/05/2012 in Uncategorized

  1. 1. Consider if you want to use your real name. (You can connect your network directly to add an specific username)

    2. Social media is fun. Yes social media is fun as it is dangerous. Don’t leave your social media page open in an public environment like schools, cafes and other hotspots.

    3. Applications are fun. Yes, applications are fun as they are dangerous. Applications need information for their databases. These databases could belong to anyone. So before you download or install an application check the source of the application. You don’t want your information in the hands of cyber criminals right?

    4. @Cyberwarzonecom OMG, someone just posted an nude picture follow this link bla bla bla. Hackers often use messages that people will click on. Social media is an great resource for hackers as everyone is connected. When you click on an Malicious link you will get infected by malware that will extract your credentials to an criminal database.

    5. I got 21513 friends. DON’T!!! only accept people that you know to your social media network. This will protect you from harm.

    6. Don’t share your password with others!

    7. Beware of shoulder-surfers when typing in your password, or sensitive information.

    8. SSL keeps you safe. Pay attention to the SSL errors when browsing.

    9. Recognize current phishing, phishing and other scams.

    10. Malicious content is crawling social media. Be aware of surveys that like collecting your information.

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